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Bring Your Pecs Up To Par With These Nutrition Strategies

Are you looking to your chest up? If yes, then a run of the mil workout with three sets of 10 reps on bench press and some sets of flyers will not cut any slack for you. You need to understand that in order to build your chest up, you need to hit it from every angle to stimulate growth. Eating the same food during the workout will never help you in bringing your pecs up to par at all.


You need to time and plan your nutrition in such a way that can really give you a volume-heavy, intense workout and be recovering soon enough to start again.


Let’s have a look at these points that will help you in keeping you up with the task for longer durations and help you build your chest.


Pre-Workout Nutrition

Fuel For You Before The Workout Session


The main purpose of the pre-workout meal is to make sure that your fuel tank is filled with the necessary top to sustain the after-effects of your intense workout. Your intense workout will drain energy from your body. So, you need to be sure that you have given your body the proper fuel so that it can be used uniformly during the workout session of yours.


Keep your pre-workout mealtime 2-3 hours prior to your workout session. It is recommended to wait at least that long because you need to digest a large number of calories before you go to the gym to burn them all to ignite the right amount of energy you need for your workout sessions.


You need to consume a minimum of 20-30% of the total carbs you intake on daily basis. Also, you need to have 25-30 grams of high-quality protein to keep yourself up to the task.


Your nutrition needs to be high in fiber. You can prefer oats or brown rice. You can intake protein from any pure source of protein such as soy or quinoa.


Post Workout Nutrition

The only purpose of the post-workout meal is to refill your tank with the fuel that has been used up in the intense workout so that you can feel full of energy once again.


You need to consume your post-workout meal within 60 minutes of your workout. Remember, the sooner you consume, the faster it will reach for your muscles. Also, eating up your post-workout meal sooner will help you transform from catabolic to anabolic.


Again, keep this portion of your diet at least 30-40% of carbs rich with a maximum of 25-30 gram protein. The type of food you need must be high fiber and slow-digesting. This combination will help you in rapid glycogen replenishment


In The End

Keeping your diet as planned as your workout will help you in the continuity of your workouts. When you are full of energy only then you will be able to lift heavy weights and that is the only way you can bring you pecs up to par. So, focus on your diet and workout to grow your chest out. Happy gyming fellas!