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Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises and Yoga

It’s no doubt that most of us would love to practice yoga and even fit in strength training but nobody has time for that. If you are lucky, you may fit one or two workout plans into your busy schedule which is why it’s important to engage in body yoga and bodyweight exercises. Both yoga and bodyweight workouts help you gain strength and flexibility.

The yoga flows combined with squats, push-ups, and planks can help you feel relaxed and stronger. With that in mind, let’s talks about the benefits of yoga and bodyweight exercises.

Improve Strength and Flexibility

Yoga is relaxing and helps build natural strength. But for someone who wants to build some muscle, strength training is a great workout plan. Just like bodyweight training, yoga can be a bit challenging to start and maintain over time. But their aim is to improve strength and flexibility.

For starters, it’s easy to find exercises for yoga that challenge you. If certain poses feel hard and fatigued, they are meant to build strength. The best exercise is one you’re excited about and most people prefer yoga. The way you exercise matters. Bodyweight training requires working hard over time with the help of heavier weights. Yoga on the other side progresses by holding a pose for longer or even moving to a more advanced pose.

A combination of the two helps to tone your muscles and even develop flexibility.

Controls Aggression and Relaxation

The interesting part about a good strength training is that it involves progressive loading thus there is need to be motivated before every workout session. It entails lifting heavier weights which helps to control aggression. When yoga is done right, even the challenging poses becomes easy and you will feel relaxed at the end of the session. This is a great stress reliever.

Helps Build Muscle Shape

Building enough body strength is essential for maintaining good metabolism as you age. Strength training helps build pleasing muscle mass, especially for the slim people. Having the right muscle mass helps to maintain a healthy weight and effective metabolic function such as weight loss, maintaining joint flexibility, and improves bone density. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism rate will be.


If you take part in intensive weight lifting, you build muscle and improve endurance. It also helps you develop speed and power to maintain a healthy body. In yoga, taking part in slow movements and holding on a single pose for long helps you activate your muscle fibers which aid in improving strength and endurance. This is useful in maintaining balance in your body.

Exercises body, mind and soul

There are no single exercises that make you feel more calm and relaxed like yoga workout. The main reasons why yoga is good for the mind, body, and soul is because it relaxing and helps you listen to the quiet voices in your head. It also helps increase your self-confidence while maintaining a perfect body shape. You can achieve the same results with strength training but it tends to concentrate more on the mind and body exercises.


Nothing beats long-term workout plan whether bodyweight exercises or yoga. These exercises are more attractive to most people who find heavyweight machines costly and intimidating. They help improve heart health, strengthen bones and joints, maintain cognitive function, and improve metabolism. So, what are you waiting for? Make these exercises part of your workout routine and achieve the best of both worlds.