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Best Workouts Hacks to Increase Stamina

Many people are looking to improve their stamina but the hardest part is getting started especially if you are having trouble boarding the workout wagon. Stamina can be termed as the strength and energy an individual needs to exert oneself for a long period of time. It can also be used to refer to the mental exertion required to perform a certain task.

Stamina consists of both aerobic endurance (low to moderate prolonged exercises) and anaerobic endurance (short and high-intensity exercises). Remember, you need workout plans that can improve your stamina so you need to engage in workouts that challenge bother types of strength and muscles.

If you want to increase your stamina, make these key exercises part of your regular work out schedule.


Cardiovascular Exercise

A good way to improve your stamina is prolonged cardiovascular training. It involves the movement of all the muscles to supply enough blood and oxygen to other body parts. Start with a low to moderate exercises such as walking, hiking, jogging or cycling. Then every week, try to increase the amount of exercising time by at least five minutes or increase a little distance. You can add another lap on the pool or a quarter mile on the walk. The interesting part is that cardio exercise has a wide variety of choices which can be mixed and matched to get the most benefits from the workout plan you choose.

Weight Lifting

Lifting the right weights is an aerobic and helps to improve strength and stamina to help you perform daily activities with ease. Weight training is not only good for building muscle but surprisingly, high-intensity lifting is good for stamina. A study by the National and Conditioning Association show that to achieve both endurance and stamina in weightlifting, it is important to lift heavy weight enough to trigger muscular fatigue after 8 to 15 reps. Perform these exercises two days a week and within a short time, you will experience the needed results.



Apart from cardio exercises and weight lifting, cycling is also a good workout plan to improve stamina. In fact, cycling is one of the easiest exercises as it is simple to learn and get on track soon enough. The best part is that once you learn the trick of cycling, it’s hard to forget it and you can exercise anytime. You can decide to cycle uphill to build strength or do a long ride at a steady rate to improve your stamina. Doing intervals can help a lot to target your heart and ensure it works at the maximum level for effective results.


Swimming is an aerobic exercise. Water provides roughly 12% to 14% resistance compared to air, so it helps to exercise the whole body without the need to lift weights. All you need is just 20 or 30 minutes of moderate but intensive swimming for good stamina. Although, it may sound challenging, making swimming a regular habit will help you relax muscles, increase joint flexibility and enable maximum stretching. When you combine it with a healthy diet, you will attain a firm and well-defined body.


If you follow a daily exercise schedule with these workout plans, you will likely experience the most noticeable results. Set aside about 20 to 30 minutes a day to engage in any of these exercises and you will improve your endurance and stamina within a short period of time. Remember, it all depends on the intensity you train. Make it worth!